Coff ID of device 0x6622
Number of ROM/FLASH pages 1  (2048 words/pages)
Last address of ROM/FLASH 0x07FF  (2048 words)
Address space of User ID 0x2000 - 0x2003  (4 bytes)
Address of Configuration Word 0x2007  (1 word)
Number of RAM Banks 2  (128 bytes/banks)
Number of SFRs 17
Size of GPRs 134 bytes
Joint size of SFRs + GPRs 151 bytes

This page generated automatically by the device-help.pl program (2014-04-04 19:02:41 UTC) from the 8bit_device.info file (rev: 1.18) of mpasmx and from the gputils source package (rev: svn 1002). The mpasmx is included in the MPLAB X.